Velcro for negativity and teflon for positivity moments of choice
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We're like velcro for negativity and teflon for positivity!

A great metaphor by Dr Rick Hanson – in essence, we have a negativity bias. An important evolutionary principle that served to keep our ancestors alive from the many real and physical threats they were exposed to. Today, we haven’t lost…
Performance Management Discussion
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‘Performance management’ – threat state to the brain

There has been quite a lot published recently about performance management and in particular about removing performance ratings. At its core, managing performance is about ensuring that both employers and employees match how we work in today’s…
Inclusion Happy Team
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Strengthening your team ready for 2018

Shortly, it will be the season for company-wide and team end-of-year gatherings and celebrations.  An opportunity for people to come together less formally.  And yet, the outcome for some of us is that we feel more excluded than included. …
Conversational Intelligence
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Willing Change

I thought I would share with you a topic of conversation that stimulated some vigorous discussions at a recent change workshop.  It was about language and the important role that it plays.  Not only during change events but also more generally…