Brain Boosters

Organisations and leaders of the future know that they need to get their, and other people’s, brains in the game.  Advances in neuroscience are changing the landscape of leadership development and change management.

Through neuroscience, we are now gaining insights into how people respond to stress, learn and remember, manage emotions and behave in the moment.  All of these are important for building long term resiliency and growth.

Through brain imagery, we are now able to better see and understand neural networks – how they form, how they decay, how they can be rebuilt and enhanced.  We know more about which parts of our brains are responsible for which functions and how new regions of the brain can be established to replace damaged areas. The human brain is fragile, and also resilient.

Rapid technological advances and, as a result, increased societal expectations, means that we need to incorporate new ways of thinking and doing.  Indeed, automation has led to a significant change in the work that we do, and, the way in which we do it.  This is seen by some as a great (rewarding) thing, and for many others, it can result in an undercurrent of anxiety and fear.

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