Change Workshops

Rethinking Complex Change
(2 hours)

Almost all of the ‘tools’ and approaches promoted to ‘manage change’ are based on inherited and outdated thinking. Tools that seek to control behaviour and processes and focus on deliverables are useful for predictable systems, but ineffective when complexity is high, and the environment is not stable.  We need to re-think how we think about change and traditional approaches to it. A complex systems perspective provides a useful lens as it asks different questions and helps us to consider different approaches for environments that are simple, complicated and complex.  This session explores complex systems, systems thinking and how to apply that thinking to the

Change with the Brain in Mind
(4 hours)

We’re wired for safety!  Given that, this session explores how our brains work and helps people to be more effective when it comes to dealing with, and, managing change.  It introduces some key principles about how change works from the brain’s perspective that will improve how you, your team and your organisation approach change

Mindsets Matter when it comes to Transformation and Change
(2 hours)

 Many organisations are entering a period of significant transformation.  In particular, digital transformation disrupts the culture in every organisation as well as places a greater priority on purpose-driven mission and inclusion.  This means that leaders must be able to navigate swiftly shifting landscapes.  Weaving a mix of neuroscience and growth mindset research and thinking this session explores how to start to build a growth mindset culture. It introduces and discusses two key premises:  it’s not you, it’s your brain and the power of ‘not quite yet’.