Learning Savvy

The brain is intimately involved in, and connected with, everything learners do, and therefore any disconnect is a recipe for frustration. Learning savvy can create truly profound learning experiences that can change who we are – we change through learning.  Savvy learning, learning involves thinking and doing, action and reflection.

At its core, learning and growth is change.  Learning savvy changes physical connections in the brain and results in its organisation and reorganisation.  Learning is always happening, consciously and non-consciously.

Paradoxically, when developing learning interventions for business environments, people often tend to spend most of their time focused on the content they want people to know rather than how they will learn.  This leads to failure to engage, failure to keep engagement and failure to transfer knowledge into action.

Learning savvy uses neuroscience and offers a new way to think about the design of learning activities and programs.  A biological approach that cuts through the clutter of potentially conflicting learning theories and places emphasis on the need for learning to be ‘proven’.