Assessment Savvy

Adopting the view ‘…it’s not you…it’s your brain!’ naturally leads to the question of how do we assess our brain?  It’s now possible to undertake assessments that allow direct, objective measures of brain function that are not influenced by subjective bias as other psychometric assessments may be.

Assessment savvy, uses positive scientific tools to assess and develop you and your people’s strengths, leadership capability and emotional intelligence helps to achieve optimal performance potential, engagement, well-being and results. By building positive, scientific assessment and feedback tools into programs, learning is amplified.

Understanding how the brain drives your, and others, behaviour is critical to helping leaders develop and grow.  Assessment savvy allows us to assess cognitive capacity that trains the brain and grows the mind.


S.A.F.E.T.YTM is a self-diagnostic tool underpinned by neuroscience that provides a simple to remember model to describe some of the important factors that can trigger the powerful threat response in our brain and cause us to feel psychologically unsafe.  It’s a great device for understanding and managing the hidden drivers of individual behaviour and team success

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Assessment Psychological Safety

MBS Leadership Assessment

MBS Leadership Assessment is the next generation of leadership assessment.  It brings together brain science and leadership effectiveness to get an accurate picture of where and how to focus your leadership change effort.  It’s a great device for measuring and understanding how to target key brain processes and capacities that directly impact leadership behaviours.

assessment mbsla

HBDITM Whole Brain Thinking

HBDITM or the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument is a self-diagnostic tool that uses a whole brain thinking approach to identify an individual’s preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking. It is a great device for increasing self-awareness and awareness of others.

Assessment HBDI