Workshop Series

There is now a strong and growing body of evidence to suggest that the brain has a lot more to do with reshaping behaviours than we may have originally thought. For example, when the brain is stressed or under pressure, it simply can’t perform to its full potential, no matter how much we try. On the other hand, given the right conditions, the brain is able to do some incredible things, sometimes beyond what we believe is possible.

The following ‘Mastery’ offering is a mix of system and brain savvy short topics with the intent of both introducing particular topics for further development, and, delivering these as a whole of team sessions.  The aim of this series of sessions is to stretch individual thinking and mindsets, while also supporting whole-of-team development and inclusion.

We offer the following brain savvy mastery workshops.  We use a ‘pick-pack-play’ approach that allows for short sessions, through to multiple day offerings to be designed to meet time, availability and learning outcome requirements.  Each session is based around a key activity and/or tool with the intention of ensuring that participants can add these to their personal and leadership ‘toolkit’ for use post the session.


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