Working from home
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What does working together mean right now?

For many of us, our ‘working together now’ is via technology rather than being together in the office.  Remote teaming and working from home now, and for the near future, is the new norm. This has some interesting considerations from…
It's not you it's your brain
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It’s not you – it’s your brain!

At a recent presentation on the topic of Managing Self and Influencing Others Through Change, I spoke about the huge changes that have been experienced in the technology arena. And, as a result of this, societal expectations have also changed…
Making decisions is a demanding workout
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Making decisions really is a demanding workout

We make a staggering number of decisions – every minute, hour and day.   Many of these decisions are not made consciously.  Those that happen with frequency have become a ‘pattern’ and formed a mental map, so happen non-consciously. …