Learning Art vs Science
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Science Vs Art in facilitating learning - 1

Science Vs Art in facilitating learning - 1 of 2 Formula for Learning I recently had the pleasure of delivering the ‘science’ side of a debate at the Australian Institute of Training and Development SA Divisional Council’s ‘Great Debate…
It's not you it's your brain
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It's not you - it's your brain!

At a recent presentation on the topic of Managing Self and Influencing Others Through Change, I spoke about the huge changes that have been experienced in the technology arena. And, as a result of this, societal expectations have also changed…
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We build and lose trust one conversation at a time - over time

Have you ever wondered why some conversations feel comfortable and engaging?  You find them easy and rewarding to be a part of, and, others feel like hard work or you’d rather walk away from them because it’s too hard.  How often have…
Common sense isn't that common
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Common sense isn't really that common!

How many times have you heard those two words ‘common sense’? Or, used them yourself during conversations? Let’s face, it we all have (or do)! I’ve heard those two words used numerous times. ‘Well, that’s just common sense!’,…
loneliness conundrum more connected yet less connection
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The Loneliness Conundrum - more connected, yet, less connection

I read last week about the UK recently appointing a ‘Minister for Loneliness’ – Tracey Crouch for those interested. Truthfully, I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I’m pleased that there is an awareness that social isolation is…
Growth Mindset - Question mark in maze shows thinking
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Change with a growth mindset lens

Last week, I and a whole bunch of enthusiastic change practitioners, attended the Bi-annual ChangeConnect Awards in Adelaide.  During the opening remarks, Susan Stewart spoke about change, including the work of Carol Dweck. I’m a huge…


Mindsets Matter Brain
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Mindsets matter when it comes to transformation and change

Organisations are entering a period of significant digital disruption and transformation; placing greater priority on purpose and inclusion. About this Event Importantly, this means that leaders must be able to navigate…
Head with cogs and lightbulb
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Rethinking Complex Change

Most change is complex. Learn some strategies that lead to more effective and sustainable change in complex settings. About this Event Almost all of the 'tools' and approaches that are promoted to 'manage change'…